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OFFICE HOURS: 3 TIL 8 PM Monday - Friday,  and 3 TIL 7pm Saturday  & Sunday

Check-In time is 4PM.

Check-out time is 10AM.


Live music will end NO LATER than 10PM.  However, understand that music and events could cause extra noise and additional traffic/parking on premise.  Motel guests have an open invitation to all music events hosted by SOCO and El Camino lounge and are provided their own parking space outside their rented room.  

Please consider these circumstances before booking with us, and be sure to check our calendar.


For all Regular/Low Season bookings, we will charge your card up to 14 days prior to your arrival date at the motel.  Cancellations that occur less than 48 hours prior to your arrival date are subject to a charge of one night’s stay plus taxes and fees.  Cancellations that occur outside of the 48 hours prior to your arrival date incur no charges. 


For all Peak Season bookings (New Years, Spring Break, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas & the month of July), Payment is due at the time of booking.  Cancellations that occur less than 7 days prior to your arrival date are subject to a charge of two night’s stay plus taxes and fees.  Cancellations that occur outside of the 7 days prior to your arrival date incur no charges. 

No shows will be charged one night’s stay plus taxes and fees for 1 night reservations, and any remaining days on the reservation will be cancelled.  No shows will be charged for 2 nights plus taxes and fees for reservations of 2 or more nights, and any remaining night's will be cancelled. 


10PM to 8AM  This includes the room patio as well as the parking lot.  Loud talking, playing music, slamming doors, and continuously coming and going during these hours is strictly prohibited.  Guests may be asked to leave for any violations and without warning or refund.  The motel was built in the 1940s and the walls are thin.  Please be mindful of this during your stay.


Yes, we are a roadside motel and yes there is some traffic noise, mostly during the day and busy season. We are not responsible for the noise from the road, nor will we be held liable for refunds based on such.  Use the ear plugs provided and have a good time. Thanks in advance for your understanding.


Guests are required to present a valid credit card and ID at check-in, matching the name on the reservation. 

Incidental charges to the room after check-out may include the following:  purchasable items, incidental charges such as damage(s) to property of the hotel, excessively soiled linens, carpets, towels, damaged furniture, smoking in rooms or breaking pet policies, and/or failure to abide by the cancellation policy.  Room charges and any damages will be assessed and billed to the guest at our replacement cost, including labor.



Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and within 15 feet of all entry doors. 

Smoke in the room, get charged $250.  Enjoy your tobacco in designated areas and dispose of the butts like a responsible adult.  Marijuana is legal in Colorado and we are a 420 friendly property. Guests are welcome to partake outside, and with respect for other guests.


We welcome your furry friends in two of our rooms for a daily fee of $30 + tax, for one dog and $50 + tax for two dogs.

Puppies require constant attention and so must have a crate inside the room to prevent accidents.

Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times on the property, and kept quiet inside guest rooms.  Guests are required to pick-up pet waste.  

Pets are not to be left unattended in guest rooms and/or vehicles, are not allowed on furniture, in the showers/bathtubs, nor should they use guest towels and linens.  

Unauthorized pets are prohibited and guests may be asked to leave without refund. 

Pagosa Doggy Daycare #970-264-9111 is a great option and they are located just a minute from Motel SOCO. 


**PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN MOVING ABOUT THE PROPERTY!  Always use caution when driving or walking in the parking lots as there is seasonal ice that is a result of melted, frozen snow.  Motel SOCO regularly plows snow from the roofs, walkways, porches and parking lot, but it is not guaranteed that there will be no ice.  


Pagosa Springs is very lucky to have our own forest office.  Please take advantage of the awesome service they provide and this is the best way to make sure you are always safe and prepared in the outdoors.  


WE ARE A PRIVATELY OWNED BUSINESS AND WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ADJUST OUR POLICIES AT ANY TIME. If booking from 3rd party, you are responsible to go to our website and make sure you are getting full information about SOCO. Changes happen here, daily. Please do your diligence and check social media and call direct before your stay to ensure you have full information for during your stay. We will be VERY polite, BUT unforgiving. 

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