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What?! No TVs? Why?

One of the things that sets us apart from other places is the fact that we don't have TVs in our rooms - and while most folks don't bat an eye at this "oddity," many others ask, "Why?!"

There are several, this is Pagosa Springs, Colorado - home to the World's Deepest Hot Springs! We would love to see you enjoying those hot springs, or hiking one of the many trails around, or better yet, getting your ski on at Wolf Creek Ski area and then relaxing with a cocktail in our El Camino Lounge and Grill.

Then there is the fact that cable is ridiculously expensive and most folks these days travel with their devices like iPads or laptops and just stream Netflix - which is why we provide great Wi-Fi for all of our guests.

So, don't be surprised when you check-in and find no TV - it's kind of our way of saying, "Go outside and play!"

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